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Assistance, Guidance & Consultation

Before Marriage | During Marriage | Through Separation or Divorce 

Pascha Rose, Attorney at Law, firmly believes that even the most complex family law matters can be resolved with integrity and respect, outside the courtroom.   Pascha can get you through even the most difficult divorce without ever stepping in the courtroom.

For 25 years, Pascha has been helping couples and families discuss, define, and formalize pre-marital and post-marital agreements, and finalize even the most challenging divorce and legal separation matters with integrity and respect. When there are children involved, their best interests are Pascha's number one priority.  Through mediation and the collaborative practice approach, Pascha and her team can support all aspects of your family law matter. 


If you are dating or engaged and considering marriage, Pascha can help you and your partner explore your marital rights and obligations and determine whether -or not- a premarital agreement is right for you.  If you are in an intact marriage and seeking to formalize or define a major family life milestone (such as having children, changing employment, receiving an inheritance, nearing retirement, or other financial changes and challenges), Pascha can help you and your spouse reach agreements that are aimed at keeping the marriage intact, healthy, and balanced.  If you are in an intact marriage and struggling, Pascha can meet with you to see what agreements could be put in place to save the marriage.   Finally, if you or your spouse have decided to proceed with a separation or divorce, Pascha can assist in helping you through this difficult process in a safe, cost-effective, and equitable manner.  Pascha has extensive experience working with unmarried couples, married couples same sex couples, and domestic partners.

Pascha has devoted her practice to helping intact and separating couples navigate the next chapters of their lives.  Pascha values integrity and a client-centered process.  Contact Pascha's office to schedule a consultation.



The collaborative process is truly a team approach to resolving conflict.  

As a trained collaborative professional, Pascha will work with you to benefit the entire family and keep you out of court.  This team approach allows each person to have his/her own collaborative legal consultant, as well as additional trained professionals such as a child specialist, communication coach, and a neutral financial professional.  

We work together to guide you through the process, settle all issues, and plan for the next chapters of your life.

See our local website for more info about this process and other local professionals



Pascha is an extensively  trained mediator and has resolved hundreds of family law cases out of court. Mediation allows both parties to work with Pascha together.  As a neutral lawyer, Pascha will guide both parties through every step of the mediation process. 

In the "Team Mediation" approach,  Pascha brings trained mental health and/or financial professionals into the process to create an alliance of professionals committed to helping you resolve all issues.  Mediation is appropriate for premarital, marital and divorce cases. The goal of mediation is to create a mutually acceptable agreement, out of court.    



Pascha has expanded her client base to include engaged and married couples, and individuals who want to keep their relationship intact. Through legal education and advice, Pascha can help you plan for life transitions such as marriage, having children, employment changes, financial challenges, power struggles, etc.  Marital planning with a trained family lawyer can be essential to a healthy and sustainable union. As an experienced family lawyer, Pascha can support you in defining these life transitions and creating equitable Marital Agreements.


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