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Marital Planning & Other Ways to Work with Pascha 

Whenever possible, Pascha genuinely wants to support couples in creating and maintaining healthy, long-standing marriages and partnerships. Whether it’s an engagement, a transition to having children, an employment or income change, or other types of transitions and struggles within your relationship, Pascha's compassion, knowledge and skill-set is designed to help you stay together, improve communication, educate, and re-establish marital commitments.  Pascha is also available on an individual basis or even in small groups to answer questions and explore what various options might "look like."

What Pascha Can Offer in Marital Planning and Exploration of Options:

Pascha will provide balanced legal information and counsel regarding your legal rights, responsibilities and options.  Pascha can also work with a marriage therapist, accountant, financial planner, or other professional(s) to assist with whatever challenges you are facing. 


Pascha is available to educate, inform and discuss tools to create and maintain legal agreements for you and your spouse/partner.  Some couples may choose to simply meet with Pascha for consultation, advice and legal education and options, without needing her to draft a formal agreement. 


  • Engaged couples who want to design their own marriage, rather than be bound by the mandates of Calfirnia law.

  • Married couples considering having children and re-evaluating the balance of economic and non-economic responsibilities within their relationship.

  • Couples evaluating the possibility of having an at-home parent and how that will change the financial partnership now and later.

  • Couples considering how to handle inheritances received during marriage.

  • Couples with significantly different family wealth and who are unclear about how this "family money" should be considered within their marriage.

  • Couples purchasing a new home, with uncertainty of how to take title, pay the mortgage, etc.

  • Engaged couples who are marrying/remarrying later in life and have assets to protect.

  • Couples with vastly different incomes who are uncertain about how to allocate financial resources during marriage.

  • Couples who don't agree about how to invest their money and/or in whose name to hold investments.

  • Couples where one or more of the spouses have children from a prior marriage.

  • Couples struggling with one another about financial matters but who want to improve their communication, gather balanced information and renegotiate their marital contract.

  • Couples who don’t see eye-to-eye about employment decisions, investments, children, spending habits, and other major expenses but who, likewise, want to improve communication and perhaps renegotiate their marital contract.

  • Couples who have heard what “the law” says about a particular issue, but want to talk to a lawyer to get accurate information.

  • Couples in crisis who are contemplating a separation, but want to meet with a lawyer first to see if they can reach a contract that might save the marriage. 

  • Pascha also offers Group Sessions: women's or men's groups, religious groups, groups of close friends) who may be going through similar struggles and want to hire Pascha to answer questions about California law, rights, responsibilities and options.  We can meet at someone's home or other comfortable setting. Pascha's hourly rate can be shared by the group,  Prep time is often needed and billed separately.  


“I wish I knew that information sooner….I may have been able to stay married…or could have made wiser, healthier decisions and maybe I wouldn’t be in this terrible divorce situation.”  (From a divorce client who wished he had done some financial and marital planning  with his wife during marriage)

"I feel so relieved to know that my husband and I have an agreement in place that suits both of our needs and expectations.  The marital planning  process made us grow even closer as a couple.  And, we are committed to returning to Pascha annually, for a tune-up and to revisit our contract and update or renew it.  I feel empowered!"  (From a client who completed a Post-Nuptial Agreement with her husband) 

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