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Education & Healing Through Divorce

Local Workshops & Weekend Retreats:

Emabarking on a separation and/or divorce can feel terrifying. There are likely so many questions swirling in your mind, and everyone has advice for you. There are countless horror stories that well-meaning friends share and often misinformation floating around the Internet. It feels overwhelming! Pascha understands this, both personally and professionally.

Pascha believes that legal education about the divorce process is not only empowering, it can also can alleviate so much fear about the next steps. 

The traditional divorce process is often traumatizing and, in many cases, causes more harm than healing.  Self care is often neglected during this life-changing time for families.  Pascha seeks to change this. 


Pascha has created a detailed curriculum to address topics such as community property laws, child support, spousal support, child custody, and division of assets & debts.  Pascha will also incorporate therapists and other self care professionals to address the mental health and emotional issues that go hand-in-hand with divorce, as well as the impacts on children.  These workshops and weekend retreats also have a healing component to them, offering yoga, meditation, soundbath, breathwork and other self-care modalities.   

Evening and weekend workshops are typically held at Pascha's Seabright office in Santa Cruz.  

Retreats to be held at a tranquil setting over a 2-3 day period. 


Check back for updates on this website and email Pascha any time to get on her interest list. 


Upcoming workshops:

Education & Healing Through Divorce:

A One-Day Workshop for Women  October 22, 2023  - Completed!

Education & Healing Through Divorce:

A One-Day MEN'S WORKSHOP Sunday Dec 10, 2023 -Completed

Workshop Topics Include:

Stages of the Divorce Process: Pascha will explain every stage of the process, all legal papers to be prepared and filed and options for how to handle the dirvorce such as mediation, collaborative divorce or going to court.

Spousal Support:  how much? how long?  how is it determined? what is a long-term marriage? what if one spouse hasn't worked outside the home? What is "marital sandard of living"?  What if I switch jobs/careers?

Child Support: how much? how long? how is it determined? what about the kids' extra-curricular expenses? what about private school and/or college expenses, etc.  What about college?

Community Property Laws:  what happens with the house? how do we divide retirement accounts? what about the credit card debt? what does commingling mean? how is inheritance considered? what if I/we own a small business? what if the accounts are all in my own name? we always kept things separate, so what does that mean? etc.

Child Custody & Parening Plans: what schedule is in the best interest of the children? what are sample parenting plans?   what if there are safety concerns with the other parent? how to keep the kids out of the conflict, etc.

Mental Health Issues:  how to protect your own mental health. what if there is a personality disorder, substance abuse or other serious mental health issue with my ex?  how to address and protect the mental health of your children, etc.

Q&A Session:  Every participant will be encouraged to submit several questions to Pascha in advance of the series which will be addressed in the workshops. 

Self Care & Yoga:  Your workshop will incorporate self care including recommendations, tools and a session that includes yoga and breathwork. 

All dayfrom 10am - 6:30pm

500 Seabright Avenue, Suite 100

$495 total for the entire day*

                 *Over 7 hours of attorney guidance, information, support and healing

Email Pascha to reserve your spot:

Email Pascha at to reserve your spot.  Advanced booking and payment is required.

Livestream and/or video available for participants out of the county or if you need to miss an in-person session. 


Ocean Rocks

education & Healing retreats

Starting Spring of 2024, Pascha will be offering weekend retreats twice per year in the Spring and Fall.  Check back for more information and details.

Email Pascha anytime to get on her interest list for upcoming retreats:


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