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After nearly three decades as a family lawyer and mediator, Pascha is excited to offer divorce coaching.  This modality is not therapy and it is not typical attorney/client representation or consultation, either. Rather, Pascha brings her nearly 30 years of divorce experience and a host of coaching tools and ideas to provide you with direct support and coaching as you navigate this huge life transition.

In addtion to her vast knowledge of family law and divorce, Pascha is also recieving extensive training through the Certified Divorce Coach (CDC) Institute, which is a rigourous certification program, approved by the American Bar Association.     

Email Pascha at: to learn more and set up an initial consultation!

What is Divorce Coaching?

Divorce Coaching is a targeted and hands-on approach, offering support and guidance at every stage of the process.

  • Having Pascha as your coach is ideal when you are contemplating a separation and not sure whether to stay or go.

  • Pascha's coaching is essential when you are beginning or in the midst of the divorce process.

  • And, Pascha's continued coaching is incredibly helpful as you begin to navigagte your next after divorce

Pascha has extensive experience with all aspects of divorce including contested litigation, mediation, collaboration, divorcing a narcissist, high-conflict custody matters, cooperative co-parenting matters, high asset cases, substance abuse issues, mental health challenges, complex child and spousal support matters and more. Pascha understands the fears and emotional overwhelm that accompanies separation and divorce. 


Here are just a few examples of how Pascha will help:

  • Pascha will listen to and validate your experience

  • Pascha will help you create an action plan consistent with your goals, values, and intentions.

  • Pascha will offer suggestions & guidance to support your WHOLE self...mind, body and spirit before, during and after the divorce process. 

  • Pascha and you will meet in individual coaching sessions as well as small group sessions with others who are going through the process, providing you with support in the collective and reminding you that you are not alone on the journey.

  •  Packages can also include in-person and/or virtual breathwork sessions, yoga, meetings with a wellness physician to make sure you are taking care of your physical health, guidance from a financial professional, and more!

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